The following are some descriptive statements of about our strategy directions for

1. Inform every Nazarene church (200+) of the 463 churches we have, organized by size

2. Acquaint these intermediate and large churches to become acquainted with each other, informally network with each other, learn from one another, etc.

3. Expose every Nazarene church (200+) to the “multiplication thinking” that is now emerging throughout the USA/Canada Region.

4. Communicate stories of churches that multiply or are intentionally planning to multiply

5. Resource these intermediate and large churches with information.

6. Encourage networking across district lines for better learning / more effective leading.

7. Help identify high-capacity planters, potential residency churches and qualified high-impact coaches and mentors.

8. Assist Partner Districts with tools and resources they need to help encourage high-impact church development within their district.