This past year in the USA/Canada Region, we had a total of 463 churches that averaged 200+ in morning worship attendance.  These churches are a tremendous resource to our movement.  The churches are organized into the following 4 categories:

200 - 249         We had 116 churches that averaged 200-249 in worship.

250 - 499         We had 234 churches that averaged 250-499 in worship.

500 - 899         We had 75 churches that averaged 500-899 in worship.

K-Churches       We had 38 churches that averaged 900-3,000 in worship.


Large Churches Are Unique

We deeply believe the number of large churches in the USA/Canada Region should multiply!  We need small churches, intermediate churches, large churches and K-Churches.  It takes ALL kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.  While every one of our 30,000 Nazarene churches globally is indispensable to our movement, the leadership capacity challenges that come with leading a large church are unique.  Large churches never develop by accident, they are planned and led by skilled leaders who have become life-long learners in better understanding the processes involved in large church development.   

Measuring Our Large Church Progress

It is a good thing for us to hold ourselves accountable for the number of existing large churches in the USA/Canada Region with an attendance of 200+ people.  It is important to know how many large churches have been organized in recent years.  How many “first generation” churches do we have moving into a large church category because our church planting initiatives are working?  We want to measure, be accountable and have the number of large churches in the USA/Canada Region increase in the months and years ahead!