A select few churches participate in the High Impact Church Planting project as a Residency Church.  The qualifications to become a Residency Church include the attendance and financial capability of launching a High Impact Church Plant multi-site campus or launching a Church Plant (250+) out of the Residency Church.  Residency Churches normally design their ministries to multiply, with the expectation that at least 50% of the people who attend the new church plant or multi-site campus will be from the unchurched community.  We currently have seven nationally-recognized Residency Churches in operation.  

Nazarene High Impact Church Planting is still in its early stages and we are still perfecting parts of our national Residency development process.  We operate with high levels of trust with our Residency Churches because the CULTURE of each of these churches is more important to us than just the information/procedures we share about the Residency Program itself.  Participation in any one of the above churches is GUARANTEED to change an emerging leader's life!  Our Residency Programs include such things as: 1) Leading Yourself, 2) Leading Others, 3) Leading Leaders, 4) Leading Departments, 5) Leading Ministries and 6) Leading Organizations. For more information about one these Residency churches, click on their link above.