Our 100 High-Impact Church Plants will be training and residency costs associated with them. Launch costs include planter support when gathering the launch team, marketing, equipment, web development, support staff and operational costs from the point of launch to the church achieving self-support status, including a built-in commitment to tithe.  A church culture that develops God’s heart is the key. We acknowledge that each church will be different, each planter’s family is different, each community and situation is different.  For fund-raising purposes, we estimate these large launch planters will need to budget launch and growth costs for the first 12-36 months.  We have learned that some communities are much more receptive and suited to these launches than others.  Large launch teams being in place prior to launch is required!  If done right, we anticipate these church plants can and will be self-sustaining rapidly.


As we move forward, there is a GREAT opportunity for you to invest by helping provide a Residency program scholarship.  Several leaders in need of the Residency do not yet have the financial resources to begin participating.  We have a host of dedicated business entrepreneurs who will respond to the vision/opportunity to participate in the high impact church planting movement.  The scholarship you provide will help us impact a larger group of leaders not currently benefiting from high impact training.  

Expanding the District Donor Base

As a movement, we also believe we have the responsibility to resource the district superintendent sharing the vision for high impact church planting within their district.  In so doing, we will inspire a number of new donors to give, especially when they see the “fruit” of the collective work we are engaged in.  We have learned that “big thinking attracts big thinkers, big donors and big achievement for God and His church!”  What ought to be on every district, can be!  

Donations to High Impact Church Planting have already begun.  If you believe in this vision and would like to become a donor, please contact your District Superintendent or make a donation to the High Impact Church Planting General Fund.