High Impact leaders can get VERY creative in raising money!  We have identified 12 potential sources of money for launching new, large churches.  Here are some examples:

1. Planter Spouse Income - This is not required, but it is a great help!

2. Family Wealth - Equity stored up in a home or family business

3. Family and Friends One-Time Gift - Usually used for specific expenses

4. Family and Friends Monthly Support - Usually for 12-36 months until the training is over, the planter is placed, the new church is launched and achieves the three-fold church planting objective: 1) self-supporting, 2) self-governing, and 3) self-reproducing.

5. "Parent" Church Support - Our goal is for strong parent churches to plant and provide financial support.

6. "Sponsor" Churches Support - Two or more churches can team together to help financially.

7.  New Gifts in Kind - When equipment, computers, used car, office space, etc. is given

8. Launch Team Tithe & Offerings - Open a bank account as soon as possible if you know where the plant or multi-site will be and allow people to begin to tithe their income to the new church project

9. Local Church Deputation Offerings - Where the planter can tell his/her story and an offering is taken

10. Faith Promise Budget - A great way to help fulfill our mission next door!

11. Sunday School Classes & Small Groups - They can team up to help sponsor a planter and the new church!

12. Nazarene District Gift - This is not the first, but the last source we name.  There is no way a District should or could cover the costs of a high impact church when fueling a movement but they may be able to sometimes help with a gift.