High Impact Planting

Resourcing large churches and high impact church planting is the reason for the multiplynaz.church website. Through partnership with Pastor Kevin Jack and other capable leaders on our Developers Team, we have built an additional website at www.NazareneChurchPlanting.org as an orientation tool designed to serve potential high impact church planters interested in exploring a church planting relationship with us. We aim to walk these potential, high-impact planters through the following five steps:

1) Make Contact

2) Submit a Plan

3) Assessment

4) Receive Funding

5) Launch with our Coaching Network

Our team is committed to serve you with excellence. If you have interest in knowing more about the high-impact church planting movement in the Church of the Nazarene on the USA/Canada Region, we encourage you to visit www.NazareneChurchPlanting.org today! If there is anyway we can serve you better, please let us know. In the Nazarene high-impact planting movement, we have GREAT days ahead!