Why Does MultiplyNaz Exist?

This is a great question and one you should be asking. We have amazing, informal Nazarene church planting networks all over the USA/Canada Region. We currently plant over 120 new churches every year, with sacrificial, gifted leaders located in 78 districts, within 9 fields. We believe MultiplyNaz is positioned to play a unique, resourcing role serving planters, coaches, pastors, districts and superintendents. We are singularly focused on doing everything we can to support the USA/Canada vision of “planting all kinds of churches in all kinds of places for all kinds of people.”

Whether you are an insider to the work of MultiplyNaz and have been a Nazarene for a long time or you are one of the many church planting leaders who are checking us out for the first time, we trust MultiplyNaz will provide you with an overview of the great work God is doing throughout our Nazarene network! We encourage you to browse the resources we have. By God’s grace, we will be part of a church planting movement in our day. As John Wesley said, “The best of all is, God is with us!”

[Funding for MultiplyNaz generously provided by the Chicago Central District, Church of the Nazarene.]