There are numbers of high capacity leaders in the Church of the Nazarene who are not called to be a High Impact Church Planter but they have tremendous leadership skills.  We invite these Nazarene leaders to participate, “mentoring future leaders” and leveraging their gifts as a High-Capacity Leader.  These pastor/leaders have demonstrated high leadership capacity capabilities, are committed both to the Church of the Nazarene and to leadership multiplication.  They have a burning desire to grow and develop churches that bring great glory to God.  High-Capacity Leaders fall into two distinct groups:

 1) Leader Mentors 

 2) Emerging Leaders

Leader Mentors are individuals who have distinguished themselves with a life-time of outstanding service to the Church of the Nazarene. They want to invest in the next generation of leaders and are highly committed to leadership multiplication.  

Emerging Leaders are individuals who have demonstrated a great capacity for development.  God has begun to birth within their spirit a vision to grow their current ministry into a large church, and their vision includes multiplication!  

We are currently working with our Partner Districts to create informal networks / cohorts to connect Leader Mentors with High-Capacity Leaders who are hungry to learn.