Local Church / District Commitment: There is compliance with High Impact Church Planting from numbers of local church and district leaders across the country, but many Nazarenes have never tasted or seen a large church plant or multiplying church. Hundreds of Nazarene leaders wonder if this can happen.  There is good news!  Commitment is growing for High Impact Church Planting across many churches and districts.  Scanning our Partner lists demonstrates this.

Recruiting System: We are designing and launching a Recruiting System that recruits the specific church planting, multiplying leaders we need. We are building trust relationships with high capacity leaders within our denomination and getting them on board with where this multiplication movement is headed.  Ultimately, every movement must be led by local church leaders.

Leadership Residency:  Several High-Impact Churches are already perfecting and delivering a Residency Program to train leaders to multiply campuses and churches. These residencies include a 9-18 month immersion in a large church and/or multiplying church. We have begun working on Residency Assessment.

Multi-District Networking: There are now 486 Nazarene districts globally.  Across the USA/Canada Region and beyond, there are many districts that have successful, large church plants and multiplying churches.  Many of these churches are unknown to each other. Because we have a deep hunger to learn, grow and multiply, we want to network across district lines to leverage our Nazarene learning!

Funding: MultiplyNaz will raise the necessary resources to achieve this vision.  We have no doubt in God's ability to provide sufficient funding to serve the needs of our church in this way.